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Erfurter Herbstlese
Es lebe die Erfurter Herbstlese!


Dear users, because we want to unlock as many posts as possible and want a pleasant culture of discussion, we ask you to observe a few basic rules respectively our netiquette.


What we wish for:

  • Posts, which enriches the discussion
  • New information and perspectives on the topic
  • A pleasant discussion culture in which diversity of opinion is respected
  • Uppercase and lowercase spelling


What we will not accept:

  • Discrimination, insults and defamation
  • Racism, populism, sexism and incitement against other people
  • Glorification of weapons and violence
  • Call for criminal offenses
  • Publication of personal data of third parties
  • Commercial advertising and machine-generated posts (spam)


Discriminatory or similar statements are not protected in the context of freedom of speech and will not be approved and deleted without comment. If possible, we ask for your assistance, to report such posts.


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Über uns

Erfurter Herbstlese e.V. - Es lebe die Erfurter Herbstlese!

Unser Literaturverein organisiert seit 1997 die Erfurter Herbstlese, die zu den großen literarischen Veranstaltungsreihen in Deutschland gehört. Es lebe die Erfurter Herbstlese!

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